Strengthening Academic Bonds: SLIM Donates Books to RUSL at “KnowledgeWave – 2023”

In a move to enhance the academic collaboration between the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLlM) and Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL), SLIM is making a valuable contribution by donating a collection of business and marketing related books to the university. This initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding of these subjects and promote knowledge sharing among students.

The significant occasion, titled “KnowledgeWave – 2023,” is set to take place at the Sanate Hall of RUSL on the 21.08.2023 at 10.00 am. This event not only marks the beginning of an enriched partnership between the two institutions but also showcases the commitment of both SLlM and RUSL to promoting quality education and scholarly exchange.

Distinguished personalities from both organizations will grace the event with their presence. Among the attendees are Prof. GAS Ginigaddara (Vice Chancellor of RUSL), Prof. PMB Jayathilaka (Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies), Mr. Sanath Senanayake (CEO of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing), and Prof. Dewasiri N. Jayantha (Vice President at the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing), Senior Prof. DSR Samarasinghe (a respected figure in academia), will also be among the participants, adding to the event’s prestige.

This collaborative effort to promote knowledge and education exemplifies the dedication of both institutions to nurturing intellectual growth and fostering strong educational ties. “KnowledgeWave – 2023” stands as a beacon of shared values and aspirations, illuminating the path toward a brighter future in academia and beyond.